ASMBL, print with an FDM and machine at the same time

2022-04-24 09:24:27 By : Mr. xin qi

It sounds like science fiction but now with the ASMBL system created by the British company E3D it is possible to print a part with an FDM and machine it instantly.Yes, there have been multifunction FDM printers for a long time, capable of printing, laser engraving or machining with an integrated CNC system.What E3D is presenting now is an addition to its Motion System and ToolChanger system -already presented a year ago-, a work that began in 2016 -the photo that illustrates the article is the first prototype-.It is the ASMBL system -Additive Subtractive Manufacturing By Layer, additive and subtractive manufacturing by layer- that combines a 3D FDM printing head with a machining head on the same printer and that can be used at the same time.Yes, and that is because the machining head with the cutter is mounted in the place where we would normally mount a second extruder in an IDEX system.To control the milling machine, a G-Code is necessary and must be generated, although a Fusion360 plug-in already exists to generate it.Brilliant!And you can download it from here.The idea is to print the part with the FDM head and, when finished, activate the machining head with the milling cutter to finish off the part, without removing it from the print bed.The result is a finished piece, with right angles, totally flat and smooth surfaces, and no print lines.At the moment the system cannot machine the inside of the part, only the outside.This system is experimental but is already available to users.To have the ASMBL you will need to buy the ToolChanger & Motion System platform in your online store, and add the ASMBL parts system to it, which you can find very well explained in this link.The ASMBL is made up of a series of 3D printed parts - they recommend you print them in carbon nylon - that you can download for free from Thingiverse and print at home, plus "purchase" hardware with motor, milling head, belts, controller and so on.This is the list of necessary parts:Motion System & ToolChanger x 1 ToolChanger Blank Tool Plate & Dock Kit x ​​1 CPAP Pipe x 1 39g – 1200kv CF2822 EMax Brushless Motor x 1 608ZZ Bearings x 2 MR93ZZ Bearing x 1 55T (110mm) Closed Loop GT2 Belt x 1 16T GT2 Pulley 3mm Bore x 1 20T GT2 Pulley 8mm Bore x 2 2mm Single Flute Cutter x 1 C8-ER8 100L Collet Chuck x 1 EMAX 12a SimonK Brushless ESC x 1 M3 Buton Head Screws x 7 8mm M3 Buton Head Screws x 6 5mm M3 Buton Head Screws x 4 Heat sink 22mm x 8mm x 2The most daring who manage to assemble it and make it work will have an incredible tool in their hands!Of course, it is not exactly cheap since the cost of parts alone already exceeds 3,000 euros...Your email address will not be published.Required fields are marked with *This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.Learn how your comment data is processed.This website uses cookies so that you have the best user experience.Please accept the cookies and privacy policy of the site to continue browsing.Check here our Cookies Policy and our Privacy Policy ACCEPT