Miles Teller Should Be the Next James Bond, According to His Grandmother

2022-07-02 02:29:21 By : Mr. Kevin Leu

Miles Teller's grandma believes that her grandson got whatever it takes to play the next James Bond.

2021's No Time to Die was an epic conclusion to Daniel Craig's version 007 Agent, James Bond. The film grossed $774.2 million at the global box office, an acceptable box office receipt considering the restrictions of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Now that Daniel Craig has officially stepped off the role of James Bond and hung up the classic tuxedo, fans are now wondering who will be the next 007, and according to this 82-year-old fan, her grandson has all the qualities it takes to play the iconic character. After Miles Teller officially established himself as a sex symbol following his Top Gun: Maverick casting, someone very close to him supposes that he has all the qualities required to play the new James Bond. According to Teller’s Grandmother Leona Flower, her grandson has everything that they're looking for including talent, looks, strength, worldwide appeal, and coolness. See what Leona Flowers or Mup wrote on her Twitter account:

Although it's understandable how any grandma would petition their grandson to be the next James Bond, in Teller's case, it makes sense. Aside from the fact that Teller's physique unquestionably fits the James Bond persona, it would also be interesting to see the actor incorporate his outstanding acting range into a character like 007. However, according to Bond producer Barbara Broccoli in a recent interview, the next James Bond film would be a reinvention of the character. “Nobody’s in the running. We’re working out where to go with him, we’re talking that through," Broccoli told Deadline. "There isn’t a script, and we can’t come up with one until we decide how we’re going to approach the next film because, really, it’s a reinvention of Bond. We’re reinventing who he is and that takes time. I’d say that filming is at least two years away.” Several actors are being eyed to play the next James Bond including Superman actor Henry Cavill, Suicide Squad's Idris Elba, and Venom actor Tom Hardy. However, if the next James Bond installment intends to reinvent and give a fresh approach to the character, Miles Teller could be perfect for the role. Sadly, for now, Universal Pictures hasn't yet announced the casting and potential release date window for the next James Bond film.

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