Factory price automatic aluminum alloy cold chamber die casting machine

Equipment overview:The machine is of three-beam and four-column structure, with functions of quick mold closing, slow mold closing, construction, slow mold shooting, quick mold shooting, mold opening, cutting cake and pressing back.According to the production process requirements. The equipment is equipped with three kinds of pr

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Equipment overview:
  1. The machine is of three-beam and four-column structure, with functions of quick mold closing, slow mold closing, construction, slow mold shooting, quick mold shooting, mold opening, cutting cake and pressing back.
According to the production process requirements. The equipment is equipped with three kinds of process selection methods: inching, manual and semi-automatic. The "inching" function is mainly used for machine adjustment,The "manual" function is whether each action is normal after adjustment."Semi-automatic" means that one die casting process can be completed only by closing the guard door.
Mould closing adopts liquid filling quick mould closing, fast contact mould turning slow, can increase the working efficiency more effectively. Will not cause mold damage.
Fast injection oil needed for the piston accumulator release the pressure, has a good stability, long service life, convenient maintenance, low maintenance cost, easy material purchase and replacement.
The machine safety door adopt pneumatic push-pull device, and electric interlock, protect door close to have the next program
  1. parameter of apparatus
  2. name/parameterXSZJ-400T
     mold clamping force(Kn)4000
    oil cylinder stroke(mm)600
    maximum open(mm)1300
    injection force(Kn)1800
    injection cylinder stroke(mm)380
    mole pushing force(Kn)400
    mold pushing stroke(mm)1200
     Ejection Force(kn)500
    Ejector Stroke(mm)100
    active area of worktable (mm)1600*1200
    Column diameter (mm)¢155
    motor power  (kw)15-4P/18.5-6P
    oil pump modelYCY-100/YBE-161/121
    work stress  (MPa)23/13
    • Molten cup inner diameter
     mold clamping force(Kn)About 20
    Die casting rangeY400
Main components of hydraulic system
The serial numberThe name saysspecificationsThe number ofproduction unit
1Vane pumpT6C-88.8  1Nanjing jincheng
2motorYX3-160M-4  1Zhejiang jinlong
3 vibration-resistance pressure gaugeYN-60  2Zhejiang hangzhou
4vibration-resistance pressure gaugeYN-100  1Zhejiang hangzhou
5 electric contact vibration-resistance pressure gaugeYNXC-100  2Zhejiang hangzhou
6 main cylinder and injection cylinder45 # steelEach 1 setXu sheng of refined
7 integrated oil circuitXS-25Q1 setXu sheng of refined
8 electro-hydraulic valveDSHG-04-3C2 2Taiwan oil research
9 electromagnetic relief valveS-BSG-06-2B 1Taiwan oil research
10reducing valveRCG-03-C 1Shanghai
11 overflow valveBG-03-32 1Taiwan oil research
12 liquid filling valveRCF-63A1-10 1Jiangsu nantong
13 check valveCRG-03/-06Each 1 setShanghai
14 hydraulic-control check valveCPDG-06-501Shanghai
15 electromagnetic valveDSG-03-3C21Taiwan oil research
16electromagnetic valveDSG-03-2B22Taiwan oil research
17 one way sequence valveHCG-06-A11Shanghai
18 accumulator 30L1Xu sheng of refined
Factory Price Automatic Aluminium Alloy Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines

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You can count on it. We have helped companies with no experience in die casting to take their first steps in this amazing industry. We teach them how to precisely set up their die casting machines and how to coordinate all the different elements in a work cell in order to optimize the casting cycle time.

Do I need a fully automated die casting work project?
As a general rule, the most automated, the most profitable your operations will be. However, depending on your needs, you can start with a semi-automated system and upgrade Later. The minimum configuration we recommend is getting the die casting machine plus the automatic auto ladler.

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